Angela Riggio (Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals)

In the midst of LA’s vast and sometimes overwhelmingly dynamic music scene, Angela has remained a familiar face in the crowd. She has spent several successful years in the local club and entertainment circuit, performing in many popular LA-based bands, including Sideswipe and MsDemeanor. She has sung, played and recorded with rock legends like Jon Anderson (Yes), the Drifters, Tierra, and Trim. Enjoying all aspects of the music business, Angela has assumed several roles in her musical career, including singer’songwriter, producer, arranger, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist.. She has toured extensively throughout the Western United States and has been featured on popular West Coast resorts, and boasts singing and playing credit on many CD releases (some of them are even MAJOR releases). Angela also plays guitar, bass, harmonica, jaw harp and kazoo.

Steve Soest (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)

Steve, playfully know as the band’s “token guy”, is proud of his native Orange County heritage. Steve’s musical career began in the 7th garage, when he played guitar with his best friend, Larry Hanson (long time guitarist for the country super group “Alabama”). Steve toured with “Sweetwater” and “Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band during his college years. Since then, Steve’s musical talents have been in high demand. He has played bass, guitar, and keyboards with Dick Dale, Chuck Berry, Eddie and the Showmen, Kid Ramos, Teisco Del Rey, The Bel-Airs, The James Harmon Band, James Intveld, and members of the world famous Ventures. Before joining Superlark, he played in Sideswipe and in the original surf band The Torquays. In addition to his distinguished career, as a musician, songwriter, and band leader, Steve is Orange County’s (if not the country's) finest guitar technician and vintage guitar connoisseur.

Michelle Mangione (Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals)

Michelle has been playing on the road and teaching music since she was a teen. Every instrument that she picks up becomes enslaved to her talents. She has mastered the guitar, bass, keyboards, and flute in addition to her first love, the drums. Catch her going from a full drum kit to the bass to the acoustic guitar and winding up on the percussive “box” all in one live show? Michelle has played with some of the best, among them, Robben Ford and Buddy Collette. Superlark is quite proud to show her off. Michelle has extensive experience as a producer, engineer and arranger. Her songwriting talents are renown in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Michelle’s uncanny ability to “hear” musical phrases and harmonies accounts for some of the most innovative pop rock recordings you will ever hear.

Jesse Soest (Guitar, Vocals)